Hartwood Reverse 49 Mile Bike Ride – “It’s cold!” – Sep 2013

Today we went on our normal bike ride around Stafford VA, leaving at 0800 sharp.  Probably the coolest morning since last spring with the temps in the mid 50’s.  Daron, Steve and I showed up to ride in shorts and short sleeve jerseys, ensuring we follow the rules…

Specifically rule # 21 which states:

” Rule #21

Cold weather gear is for cold weather.

“Knickers, vests, arm warmers, shoe covers, and caps beneath your helmet can all make you look like a hardman, when the weather warrants their use. If it isn’t wet or cold, save your Flandrian Best for Flemish weather.     Velominati Website”

It is obvious Casey could not adhere to the rules based on his body temps:

Casey appears to be affected by mid 50’s weather

We all felt he just needed to adhere to rule 5 as well…

Rule #5 // Harden The “heck” Up.

We got our bikes together together in short order as the morning sun rose in the sky.  Casey dressed in wool kickers and arm warmers…here he appears to be dressing from behind his car door:

Is that a bare chested Casey?

Getting bikes ready for the road

The morning sun…

All in all we had a great ride – doing the reverse Hartwood 49 mile loop through Stafford County and beyond.  At the end, Debbie took a group shot as everyone prepared to depart.

The Group — Daron, Steve, Casey and I

The beta and course info for this route was provided by Steve here.