Honda ST1100ABS 2002-2005

STOC Sticker

The Honda ST1100 ABS TCS is a legend like the Pacific Coast.  It has been consistently recognized as the best sports tourer in the world on two wheels.  I bought a used 1997 ST1100 ABS/TCS in October 2002 for the specific reason of riding the Iron Butt Rally in 2003.  It performed flawlessly then and during every one of the 20,000 miles I put on it for the next three years.  Following the natural evolution of Honda Pacific Coast to ST100, I sold it in Nov 2005.  This bike is simple the standard in sport touring and long distance riding!

My 1997 ST1100 ABS


As I mentioned, the previous owner of this bike had done some magnificent work on the bike already.  Below are the farkels that came with the bike and the ones I added over the winter of 2002…

Already installed farkels:

Throttle Meister throttle Lock

Helmet locks


Custom AM/FM radio

Heli Adjustable bars

I then installed the following:

Mark Reis accessory shelf


Rick Mayer Saddle for Long Distance Riding!

Rick Mayer Saddle for Long Distance Riding!


Kissan Headlight modulator – Here the daylight sensor is pictured… little round photo cell … would not leave home without it – Safety!


H-4 Headlight Adaptors – allows use of any H-4 bulb – upgraded to 55W/60W


– PIAA 910 driving lights – Notice the already run power wiring harness for shelf accessories yet to come…

PIAA’s Off

PIAA’s Lit


Two electrical outlets for heated clothing and the a large waterproof switch for the PIAAs. The smaller is for the radio.

Fuse block to power all accessories – in the tail section – easy to get to; designed by another STOCer a few years ago

Another STOCer found that you can get “secret switched power” from behind your fuse block here by pushing in a “male” spade connection.

This picture shows the relay I installed to insure my fuse block is only hot when the ignition is turned on. The relay is wrapped in black tape and zip tied securely above the battery. There is also an inline fuse between the battery and the relay.

You have to tuck the wiring carefully under the covers…always groom it loom it and make it tidy…


GIVI rear brake light connection and 3MReflective material for the rear of the bike (I would never ride anywhere without it – works even in daytime!) ©3M

At night!

Touratech GPS Mount for the Garmin Street Pilot III

Anti Flop Buttons for Saddle Bags – holds them in place

CB Antenna mount, stainles steel stock drilled out

CB Connections in Right Pocket

Autocom Install


Autocom unit in tuberware

PTT (orange button) – Push to talk

Connection cords to helmet


The fender extender…protecting the radiator…

The 5 Function Thermometer (ambient and cockpit), voltmeter, clock, and timer. It even warns of black ice…:-)

And this is the bike I would later ride in the 2003 Iron Butt Rally!