2012 Year in Cycling Review

With 1900 miles on the ‘work” Trek bike and 1600 on my “new” Trek bike, I reached 3500 miles in 2012. I have not had miles anywhere close to that since at least 2004 and probably 1987-1990 time frame. I have rededicated myself to riding the bike for fitness and health.

Today it was only 44 degrees but with snow coming tomorrow, I wanted to get in 17 miles to achieve these odometer readings as I may not be able to ride until Tues when I plan on joining my club on their traditional New Years Day ride.

The bikes… 2002 and 2012 models

New bike 1600 miles

Old bike – mainly miles at lunch at work on Quantico

Good thing I got those 17 miles in…



And now for some pictures from the past…

Winning the Dover AFB Bicycle Championship on a borrowed bike in 1986

Biking in Germany in 1988 with a German Club