02.01.2013 TS200 Maintenance

I have been using my TS2000 heavy over the winter and had begun to
experience the loose power plug connector issue causing the radio to
unexpectedly turn off on occasion, usually under a transmit load. I
think this power cord was also behind a UHF/VHF transmit issue I had
last spring as well.

I was also getting an unexpected power off issue when I transmitted a
digital signal with my signal link USB with the MFJ antenna tuner cable
attached that I recently installed. I had played with the connector
throughout the winter but never fixed it.

I also checked the firmware version and found it was only updated to
the 2006 firmware version.

Last night I finally did some catch up mx… I went back to the
original power cord (I was using a MFJ purchased power cord) that gave a
firm fit and put some power poles on the other end to connect a more
secure power plug to the radio..looks like the connection is tight and I
am not experiencing any related power issues now.

I also followed Kenwood’s detailed instructions and updated the
firmware to the latest Sep 2012 version successfully. I also blew any
dust out but it looked very clean.

Lastly I reset the radio and reloaded my configurations and memories
back in through HRD software. I love this radio as a 100W all-rounder
using and would buy another one tomorrow. I bought this one used in

Sometimes my HAM shack can run perfect, other times little gremlins can
pop in and maybe you ignore them for awhile and then finally you just
trouble shoot them to death or success. Glad I decided last night
night not to put up with these issues and fixed this power cord issue and
updated the firmware.

Just sharing… mainly the fact that I opened the radio and tinkered
with it and put it back together without breaking anything new…. 🙂