2015 Summary and 2016 Goals

2015 was a strong year for cycling. At age 57, I felt strong on the bike…..i.e. I am not slowing down. I bought a 2015 Trek Emonda in the summer to replace my 2002 Trek Madone…it proved to be an excellent investment, in both monetary and physical terms. It was inexpensive and it rides like my higher end 2012 Madone so I am able to ride at a stronger pace Monday – Friday at work now.

Notable achievements was starting a popular night ride for the club that is fun and increases bike handling skills, riding the farthest distance I have ever ridden (152 miles), fun speed work with groups, and riding a couple mountain stages. I led over 30 club rides in support of others and developed a loyal following in the North Stafford area for cycling. All things I am proud of … riding was fun in 2015.

A recap of my 2015 goals shows:

– Ride 5000 miles for the year – Accomplished, I finished with 6003 miles
– Ride the climbing Sperryville Loop – Accomplished, I also rode a longer tougher, mountain stage even though I had a bad day performance wise
– Ride a 150 mile day – Accomplished. I led a club ride where I rode 152 miles with other friends
– Ride back to back centuries again – Did not accomplish; although I did do it in 2014
– Peak in April for the first time – Accomplished
– Lose another 10 pounds in weight, increase fitness, stay injury free – Partially Accomplished, more on this later. Crashed on Dec 30, but minor injuries

2016 Goals

For 2016 I realize it is not all about the miles, and really think 4-5,000 miles a year is probably ideal for me having a full time job. I do not want to fall into the trap of riding miles for miles. I want to enjoy the miles and feel strong on rides I take with groups. I need more rest days built into my schedule so my legs are fresher.

I also got a Stages power meter for Christmas and plan to use that to gauge my performance and output in 2016. I think it will help me “even out” my riding, understand my limits, and help in sustaining efforts…plus I love data!

My #1 goal for 2016 is to increase my power to weight ratio on the bike. The power meter will help gauge this effort but losing weight is the only solution. I would like to reduce my weight by a safe amount by Jun 16 and maintain that as my permanent weight.

My #2 goal is to strengthen my CORE as this continues to be a consistent weakness in my fitness. Along with that would be to do more stretching work off the bike to maintain flexibility and back and core health.

A cycling friend, Mike, has developed a 2016 challenge of riding a century (100 miles) in each month in 2016, starting Jan 9th. With the climate here that can be a tough proposition but I intent to start out with him and see how it goes. That would be 12 centuries and 1200 miles just associated with this challenge.

So with that commentary out of the way my goals for 2016 are:
– Increase my power to weight ratio; reduce my weight by Jun 16 and maintain
– Strengthen my CORE and increase flexibility
– Ride a century during each calendar month in 2016
– Match the first two accelerations of younger/stronger cycling friends, and being able to accelerate a third time at the finish line
– Enjoy each ride and smell some roses along the roads