2016 Recap and 2017 Cycling Goals


In 2016 I met most of my cycling goals but horribly ignored the two most important ones – core strengthening and weight to power ratio. This will be my focus in 2017.

I had another great year in 2016, accumulating some 6850 miles without even trying as miles were not my goal…they just happened and they were mostly all fun. I completed the bike club challenge of one Century (100 Miles) in each month in 2016 and I felt good in all of them.  Riding 12 centuries in a year is the most I have ever ridden and while I got really efficient at it, that will not be my focus next year.

I elevated my speed and relied on tactics again in 2016 to stay with the younger crowd on the ~40-50 mile rides to always finish well in the sprint. I was able to handle the 2nd and 3rd surges when they came from the pace line easily, which had been a goal.   I also did not crash in 2016 and that is always good! It felt good on the bike in 2016!


As mentioned earlier; my two goals in 2017 are core strength and weight to power ratio, really the two things I have control over from a physical stand point.  My power to weight will be higher by May 2017.

I plan to increase capability in the 40 – 60 mile ride category and be able to lead at the front and finish strong with the younger crowd.  I plan on riding more trips to the mountains of Shenandoah’s for some circuits I wish to ride starting in April through October on beautiful sunny days.  I will feel comfortable ending 2017 with ~5000 miles for the year as miles will not be my goal. I want those 5000 miles to be on great cycling roads sans my weekday rides at work.  Focus will shift to quality vice quantity and not all rides will be fast.

I plan on riding 2-4 centuries in 2017 on nice courses and am considering a couple of back to back ride challenges and a century at night.

I will essentially be taking the month of Jan off the so my build up will be behind the rest of the peloton at the start of the season. I resolve to be patient with that fact and stay on track in 2017.

So in summary for 2017:

– Strengthen my core

– Improve power to weight ratio

– More mountain courses in great weather

– Focus on shorter, dynamic rides

– Ride 3-4 centuries, perhaps a challenge with back to back rides and/or one at night