Kansas State Highpoint (Mount Sunflower, 4039′) – May 27, 2006

Which bike would you choose for single track riding?

Tom’s Bike or…

As I turning off the gravel road after 12 miles to a double track through the plains to the Kansas highpoint, I wonder why I am here with a Honda Goldwing… Reminds me of when I did the Nebraska highpoint on my Honda ST.  Now I am on a bigger bike and smaller trail…

Tom on his KTM 950 Adventure is literally running circles around me…at high speed. As I work my down the 12 miles of gravel and sand ranch roads at a cautious 40 mph, he has dual sported at more than twice that speed…more than twice.

Tom at our first gas stop

At any rate we end up at the highpoint at the same time and I dismount to claim my 35th US state highpoint.  Tom has 4 and has been to Mount Sunflower three times, twice on bikes.  He knew I would be game if he mentioned highpoint when he suggested a ride today and I bit like a hungry catfish.

While on private land, the owners are kind enough to allow unfettered access and the highpoint is a combination of eclectic sculptures and high plains. The day we are here it is 97 degrees and windy.  Locusts fly around at Mach 1.

Some artist did a nice job


At my 35th HP and signing the register log

After about 30 minutes a couple from California arrives and we chat with them about their adventure, high pointing around the southwest on their mini vacation.  We suit up to move our bikes so they can get a picture and take off down the ranch road. I had three interesting moments, all involving sand, on the return trip to pavement, while Tom just disappears from view.

We had west toward Colorado Springs, stopping for gas and a burger at a small CO border town.  Highway 94 back to home is straight, windy and hot, but the temperature does go down as we gain elevation at the base of Pikes Peak.  Arriving home after 8 hours on the road for 395 miles, it was a great way to visit a state highpoint.   Oklahoma is next!