Hiking and Climbing

One of my passions is hiking and climbing…

One of my main passions is hiking and climbing. Although I partake in many forms of climbing, my favorite is mixed alpine and high altitude hikes and climbs. I have climbed in the United States, Australia, Europe, and Mexico. I have climbed 39 of the 54 14,000’ peaks in Colorado or “14er’s”.

I usually write a trip report for most new or major outdoor experiences. Additionally I have begun a quest to reach the highpoint of all fifty states. To date of I have 37 of the 50 state highpoints in the log book.

One interesting thing about many of my climbing partners is that I have met some of them over the Internet in rec.climbing and rec.backcountry newsgroups. They are now lifelong friends. Please browse my trip reports that contain route beta, altitude charts, and pictures.