Mt Sherman, 14,036′ – May 22, 1994

Mt Sherman

The data…

This will be a short one as this is a short climb. I only write this for folks wanting to know the specifics of the snow conditions in the Mosquito Range near Fairplay, Co. Tom and I decided to climb Sherman today as he had climbed Mt Evans the day before and wanted to get two in this weekend if possible. We left Colorado Springs real early and arrived at the base about 7:45am. We ascended directly up some steep snowfields to the ridge between Mt Sheridan and Mt Sherman. The snow was only about 2′ thick with a frozen crust. No snowshoes were necessary. Kicking steps barely dented the surface but we made the ridge in good time.

Mt Sherman has traditionally been known as the easiest 14er to climb so I was surprised when we got to the ridge and found a very narrow crest on which to climb up through the snow. Tom said, “Oh no, not K2 again!” The ridge walk was fun and soon we were on the large summit. Expansive views for 360 degrees made for a pleasant stay. After signing the register, he headed down the ridge and glissaded a 500′ run and about a 700′ run getting back to the truck in 45 minutes! The only way to climb. By 10:30 am when we reached the truck, the snow was starting to get soft and post holing could be an obvious result if you came down much later.

It amazed me the number of people who we met as they started their ascent dressed in street clothes carrying no axes who were intent on glissading down. One mentioned he just brakes with his hands. Whatever…I just hope we don’t read about them in the paper the next day like that gal at Tuckerman’s Ravine a few weeks back. An easy, but very fun climb in my opinion.

If anyone out there has a similar experience on Mt Sherman, email me as I will enjoy hearing about yr. trip. Number 5 of 54 of the 14er’s I have climbed, but eh, I have only lived here since Aug.