Crags Trail, Divide Colorado, June 19th, 2005


We took our new Xterra up to the trail head

With the family all back together for the summer and our ultimate goal of climbing a 14,000′ peak together, we set out on father’s day to hike up to the end of the Craig’s trail.  It would also be a good shakedown cruise for the Xterra…it was time to get it dusty.  Arrived at a packed trailhead, we found a slot for the Xterra while Ben finished up his biscuits and gravy from the Donut Mill in Woodland Park.

We set off down the trail and I had forgotten how pretty this trail was as it winds its way up through the pines by a fast moving stream.

Kate moving along…

The walls to our left up the canyon

We made steady progress and since it was an easy trail, we soaked up the views, contemplating this approach for our eventual climb of Pike’s Peak before Ben goes back to college.  Arriving at the saddle we turned left and began the steep final section over smooth rock and sometimes scree.  Upon reaching the top we were awarded with 270 degree views.

Ben’s view

Kate’s view

Ben and Kate scrambled up some dangerous formations while I simply soaked in the views. Kate befriended a small chipmunk who shared a snack with her.

Having lunch with new friend

the family…

After about 45 minutes on top, we decided to take a more off beaten path descent and scampered across a ridge where we began a bushwhack down a dry streambed.  Sure enough, after about 20 minutes, we regained the main trail at the base of the climbing and made quick work of return trail.  Near the end of the trailhead, we spent a few minutes where Ben and Kate held a challenge of who could stand in the ice cold stream for the longest.  Their legs were numb from the knees down after a short time! Heading back to Colorado Springs, it was apparent that Ben and Kate were doing ok in their acclimatization and ready for bigger hikes!

Checking out the water on the way back…

Beta:  3 Miles RT, 700′ elevation gain. Easy