Rappanhannock River, Fredericksburg VA, Aug 9, 2013 -Tucker’s First Kayak Trip

Today was a great day to get out on the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg.  It had been on our list to do for some time, launching right at the city docks in Fredericksburg.  Truth be told we had taken Tucker out on a  short paddle a month ago just to see what he would do but this was our first real trip.  He likes it but he is not exactly a water dog.  We bought a  Canine Floatation Device (life jacket) from NRS so if we do tip over, he can swim around safely until we reach land or get back in the kayak. It worked out well and he likes it.  Look for his picture on the NRS website soon!  🙂

Tucker ready for a swim!

It was also the first time I have taken the Go Pro along, mounted on a  stick behind me in the rear of the kayak.  Everything started well but we had a malfunction with Debbie’s pedals…not too major of an issue as she had Tucker up front with her anyway.  I think I have located the problem being the plastic guides where the mirage drives drop into the kayak not seating properly.

We will ensure we double check the operation before pulling out from shore next time as I am helpless to address the situation from the back seat and with Tucker up there, Debbie had no choice but to sit back and enjoy the ride… she was  not happy she could not get the exercise. 🙂

We headed up river against the current and perhaps with a  rising tide (yes this river is affected by a tide even this far from the bay).  We went under three bridges and landed on a  sand island in the middle of the river where we got out and stretched our legs before heading back down with the current.  it was a much faster return trip!

Not a terribly exciting trip but the weather was great and the river was beautiful…sometimes only 3 feet deep in places and generally clear enough to see the sandy bottom. We returned to our launch point and loaded up for the 10 minute drive home.  We are already planning our return trip and we want to go farther up to the beaches where some people swim in hot weather.

Here is a short 4 minute video of the trip. Watch in 1080HD with sound: