Winter Cycling Ride with Video, Dec 28th, 2013

After testing out the GoPro Camera on a test ride, I made this video on a Saturday winter ride with friends here in Fredericksburg, VA.  I wanted to give cycling friends a view of a typical ride and for non cycling friends and family...simply an visual of what it is like when I say, “ I am going on a ride.

We all know that a video must be about 4 mins in length to be worthwhile, 🙂 , but for this version I distilled 2.5 hours of video down to 17 minutes.  I will apologize in advance, knowing only true cycling friends and maybe some of my family will even watch the entire video. A 4 minute version will be made for my club’s website.  🙂

It is obviously much better if watched in 1080HD resolution…check your YouTube Settings.