2014.11.06 — 67 Days after Steve, I crash in the rain!

I thought I had the heavy rain beat by a mile… errr… I guess not… 🙁

I had started my daily ride in mixed sunshine after a rainy morning and I thought to myself how nice this window corresponded to my opportunity to work out at the office. I headed out on the clockwise fire house/training area ride of about 13 miles.  It was perfect going out but as I got on the back side of the loop I noticed rather dark clouds forming over Lunga Lake. I picked up a  tailwind for the ride in and now with a storm brewing, that tailwind and my legs kept me at 27-30mph  for the last 4 miles as I dodged scattered raindrops on dry payment.

As I entered the home stretch the rain started coming down heavier and the roads turned wet.  As I approached the right hand turn into our compound I knew to take it wide and avoid any white paint on the road which is slick as ice when wet.

Mission accomplished as the winds built into the 20 mph range as the heavens opened up. I exited the rolling stop ID check and I just needed to get into the parking lot to get to my car. The wind pushed me faster than I pedaled as I entered the sharp right hand turn into the compound. Then I see the metal pop up barriers staring at me and I know I am going too fast…if I hit them…. I go down.

Little choice, but to turn and miss the metal surface by inches… but that small turn, at speed in a driving rain on slick racing tires, was all it took as the front wheel washed out and I hit the curb with my right arm and go down hard on my right side sliding across the road.

I stop sliding… unclip from the bike and assess if I should stand up.  Rising to my feet, I pick up my bike, still in a blowing gale of a rainstorm, retrieve my water bottle and pump, loosen the brakes that were locked on my tires for some reason and put the chain back on the chain-wheel so I can ride to my car. I throw my bike in the back and jump into the front until the rain stopped enough to hobble in and apply first aid in the gym the locker room after a hot shower. Colleagues bring me ice and candy, the essentials, when they hear the news and find me in my office.

Beta: 13 miles, 40 min ride, abrupt ending….

Lessons learned:  None, I went too hot into the last corner in very bad conditions and paid for it. Now had Steve been riding with me as a partner, not sure this would have happened…but we will never know  🙂

Bike Damage:  The bike was my old 2002 Trek Madone and both\brake hoods were bent in but I simply bent them back straight on the handlebars, checked everything else and there is no damage…it is a TREK!

Body Damage:

Road Rash:  Scrape on INSIDE on right arm where I slid across the curb; right knee, right leg/hip road rash.  A couple of cuts on left knee from taking a handlebar to the leg.

Soft Tissue: Large swollen knot about left knee in muscle (maybe from the handlebar?)  Some type of pain when I bend or twist my right leg at too tight of an angle; could just be a bruised bone. Right ankle sore (one I injured in Feb 14) but probably just twisted from cycling shoe hanging up in the cleat.  I predict I will live .  🙂

The leg before first aid… 🙂

After first aid with zero supplies; does not really look any better but I was just trying to make sure I did not get blood on my suit!

Right leg; had just stopped shaving for the season.. lol

Not sure if you can see, but LARGE knot here on the muscle…

And lets not forget the curb with this unusual inside arm rash…