Leesylvania State Park – October 21, 2012

Today’ outing was to Leesylvania State Park on the Potomac River, near Woodbridge, VA.  A big boat launching area, the river that was deep up to the shore and grass free.  We also picked our launch time to coincide with a rising tide reaching high tide while we were out.  A crystal clear day awaited with sunny skies, light winds (5-9knot), and temps around 63 degrees…ideal.

We found the rustic kayak/canoe launching area (separate from the boat launch) off of Powell’s Creek. Rustic was the best way to describe it as compared to the ultra modern boat launch area, the kayak launch area had logs, and large rocks down a eroding bank to the water.  Just a little bit of materials and effort could make it a much better launch area next to the floating pier.

We launched out and kept the Mirage drives out because of the heavy grasses near to shore.  I paddled out to clear water while Debbie steered with our rudder that was also scooping up grass as we went.  Once clear of the grasses, we popped in the drives, cleaned off the rudder and started around the point into the Potomac where we passed a floating hunting or fishing blind, not sure exactly what it was…


Down river

We had an enjoyable trip down the length of the beach dodging a bass boat going way too fast and one pontoon boat going way too slow.  As we came to the 200’ fishing pier, we gave it a wide berth as the fishermen were casting far out in the river.  We received a wakeup call with a headwind as we drew even with the point and the water must have become shallow here as small but vigorous waves appeared that  we plowed through, generating some small bow splash.

Turn around point

Decided not to press further down Neabsco Creek further we made a broad turn out into the river and began to surf the waves back south.  This was our first experience and noticed as the waves washed under us, our forward progress stalled momentarily until our fins caught clean water and propelled us forward.  We learned about waves in a kayak for the first time and did fine.

Small Waves off the pier

Coming back around the pier, I suggested we head toward the beach and check out the marina. We aimed for the beach close to the rock jetty and executed an easy landing, pulling our drives and lifting the rudder as we approached the sand.

We walked up to the store where we learned our most important fact of the day…they sell ice cream; perfect for next summer on a hot day. Forgoing it for today we walked back to the kayak and pushed off into the river again and worked our way south back into the Powell Creek area and paddled to the launch area, gently floating up to the dock.  Debbie suggested some landing improvement alterations so I picked up the big sharp rock in the middle of the landing and deposited it off to the side and sent a large log floating out into the creek to clear the landing.

With the trailer, we are able to quickly load it onto the trailer and take off for home as the leave fall through the open sunroof onto our heads. We learn something each time we go out and are much more synchronized in our efforts now than on our first trip.

Our route..

Our route