2014 Cycling Summary and 2015 Goals


4,400 miles exactly – Interesting

2014 Summary: 1927 miles, mainly riding at work and 2473 on my “weekend” club bike = 4,400 miles

Well, 2014 was an interesting year for cycling…

I started off strong in Jan and early Feb, carrying over much of my fitness into the new year. Things were looking up!  however in mid Feb I injured my right ankle rather severely when I failed to stick a landing after jumping over a bonfire.

Suffice it to say with crutches, a brace, and a short hospital stay I was off the bike from Feb 23 – April 16.  I went from strong fitness to barely able to turn a pedal on that first 6 mile ride on April 16th.  The cycling muscle in the legs had vanished.

I poured on the cycling in April and May and on May 31- Jun 1st I  did my first ever back to back century, 200 miles over 36 hours, and I did it in good style.

I rode a lot throughout the summer and on Aug 6th, attained one of my 2014 goals by riding the Sperryville Climbing loop in good style.

On Aug 31, Steve served a wake up call and crashed hard on a ride.  Luckily I was not hurt…lol

On Sep 28th I completed the Cannon Ball Century in the fastest time in my life, 5 hours 18 minutes moving time and about 6 hours total.

Then on Nov 6th I crashed hard on my right side and as of Dec, still have the lingering issues with my right knee that took the brunt of the impact.

The good news?  I met most of my goals even with two injuries.

My 2014 goals were:

– Exceed 4000 miles for the year…   Done! even with the injuries I have logged  4400 in 2014

– Ride the climbing Sperryville Loop twice next summer – Done (once)

– Ride a 150 mile day – Did not meet this goal this year, but did do back to back 100 mile days.

– Peak in June for cycling fitness, then again in August; sustain fitness through to Dec 14 – Done!  Even with the injuries I am carrying fitness and weight loss into 2015

My 2015 Goals

– Ride 5000 miles for the year

– Ride the climbing Sperryville Loop

– Ride a 150 mile day

– Ride back to back centuries again

– Peak in April for the first time

– Lose another 10 pounds in weight, increase fitness, stay injury free

1 Jan 2015 ride today – 36 Degrees at the start…